Merchant Credit Fund

Financing America’s Main Street


High Absolute Return
A liquid and listed participation for sophisticated, long-term investors. Four trances are offered for investors preferring USD, CHF, EUR or GBP.
  • Accumulating gains, compounding returns
  • Transparent and Liquid
  • Secured participation
  • Attractive, uncorrelated returns
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Geographical and Sector
The underlying credit portfolio contains a high number of loans, covering merchants in all 50 US states and a large number of sectors.
  • Over 9,000 credits approved
  • Over $300 million funded
  • Over 2,000 daily requests
  • Funding within 24h
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Since 2013
Acies Asset Management acts as representative and adviser.
  • Portfolio operational since 2013
  • Consistent double digit returns
  • Zero investor losses
  • Steady return stream
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Requests Funded

Across all States and Sectors

Daily Requests

Incoming Daily Credit Requests

Million Funded

Since Inception

Investor Losses

Steady Returns

Absolute Return Management since 1995

Bespoke Solutions

For Family Offices and HNWIs
Co-investments in proprietary private equity
deals and custom solutions tailored to your
specific requirements.

Investment Securitization

Providing Broad Access
Transforming private investment solutions
into investable securities, allowing for a
broad investor base to participate.

Quant Finance

Cutting Edge Financial Solutions
Investment solutions and advisory for
sophisticated institutional and high net
worth investors.
About Us

Senior Management

Before joining Acies Asset Management Mr. Hackl was responsible for the asset management division of one of the largest brokerage houses out of New York and was a permanent member of the Standard & Poors Hedgefund Index. Mr. Hackl has been the CEO of Acies since 2003.

Thomas M. Hackl

Chief Executive Officer
Having started out as an IT entrepreneur in the 1990's, Mr. Clenow served as global head of equity and commodity quant modeling for Reuters before leaving for the hedge fund world. He has been a part of starting, seeding and managing multiple successful ventures in quant finance and private equity.

Andreas F. Clenow

Chief Investment Officer

In Switzerland since 1995

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